The strategy of Voka Flemish Brabant and Liantis

44% of employees think their workplace isn’t smart enough. Did you know that a digital transformation of the workspace can greatly improve their satisfaction rate and that of your customers? Voka Flemish Brabant and HR service provider Liantis experienced this.


Permanent accessibility thanks to Teams and voicebots

Voka, the Flemish network for enterprises, molds and markets itself as the innovative partner par excellence for the Flemish entrepreneur. The organization comprises eight Chambers of Commerce. As one of the seven social partners in the Socio-Economic Council of Flanders, it has a say in the policy of the Flemish government.

Stefanie Vanmeerbeek, Marketing Intelligence Analyst: “We wanted our employees to be reachable via a single number at all times, regardless of which office they are in, and also when they work from home.” In consultation with Proximus and partner IT-Care, the CoC of Flemish Brabant decided to develop a pilot project around Microsoft Teams. “Thanks to the use of shared services like SharePoint and OneNote – where participants share each other’s screen or documents – Teams can minimize the difference with a physical meeting. For example, you can supplement something in a document while other participants watch,” Director Marketing Communications Sophie Thiebaut explained. “It’s a matter of making the right arrangements,” said Stefanie. “For example, everyone knows what we use Teams for, what we discuss via chat, what we put in emails, where we place the documents, and so on. Perhaps the biggest change of all was harmonizing which channel we use for which type of communication.”

The use of Teams has also brought nothing but benefits for Voka’s customers – the affiliated entrepreneurs. “During the lockdown, entrepreneurs called us with questions about the corona measures,” said Sophie. “It was very important to us that we remained accessible at all times during this period. Thanks to Teams, we were able to guarantee this accessibility at all times, even among our teleworkers.” At the same time, the CoC of Flemish Brabant is also looking into the possibility of integrating the use of voicebots. “A voicebot may be a little too impersonal for the phone calls with customers,” believes Stefanie. “However, it might also be nice when a voicebot manages to understand the caller’s question correctly and connect the caller to the right contact person immediately.”

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A single digital platform

Liantis molds and markets itself as an all-around HR service provider, for the entire journey of an entrepreneur. Until a few years ago, Liantis was a group of companies, each with its own brand name, organization and management. In 2015 the decision was made to bundle all these activities, with one clear goal: to offer the customer significant added value. Along with the transformation of Liantis as a group, a sweeping digital transformation also took place. “While the digital services of the various affiliates existed neatly side by side, that subdivision was not by any means always in line with the needs of the entrepreneurs,” says CIO Nicolas Van Kerschaver. “Our task was to create digital solutions according to the customer experience and not according to our internal organization.” To support that strategic transformation with a digital transformation, Liantis developed the digital platform ‘My Liantis’. There, everything for the entrepreneur comes together in one environment.

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CIO van Liantis