Time for a

new chapter

With our strategic plan #inspire2022, our ambition is to position ourselves as the European reference for the new generation networks. We are fully committed to fiber optics and 5G. In addition, we want to be the trusted partner for our professional customers in their digital transformation.

New technology is more and more intertwined with our daily lives. In this magazine, Tania Pittoors and Jan Van Acoleyen – Heads of HR at KPMG and Proximus respectively – set out their vision of living and working in a digital society in detail.

Our lessons are taken from ‘Rust voor je brein’ ('Rest for your brain'), the book by stress expert Luc Swinnen. We must not forget to make time for our offline brain, to muse, daydream or just relax.

By the way, it is the last time I am addressing you this way. After ten exciting years at Proximus, it will soon be time for something else. But I look back at my time here with pride. We have all the assets we need to be and remain successful. Once again, this magazine is full of inspiration.

BART VAN DEN MEERSCHE Chief Enterprise Market Officer Proximus