Focus on innovation

Standing still means going backwards, which is why we consistently emphasize innovation at Proximus. By doing so we help our customers move forward, allowing them in turn to enhance their offers to their own customers. 5G is sure to give the innovation rate in many industries a huge boost. Together with our 5G specialists Guillaume Janus and Koen De Troyer, we look ahead at the possibilities coming our way thanks to 5G.

The large-scale breakthrough of IoT in particular will be closely related to the rollout of 5G. In this edition of One Magazine, we present some concrete applications. For example, we tell the story of the connected gas tanks at Multigas. This solution ensures the continuity of the businesses involved, while the gas distributor achieves enormous efficiency gains.

You can also find out how the use of smart solutions – in which data plays a key role – can make a difference in a wide range of industries, from Duco’s ventilation and solar shading systems to applications for e-health at CHU in Liège. In short, there are plenty of real-life stories to take inspiration from.

GEERT ROTTIER Enterprise Sales Director Proximus